September 16, 2005  


New Society Forms at SLAC

The Sassy Sisters Society poses in front  of Pier 39 in San Francisco.
(Photo courtesy of Carmella Huser)

By Carmella Huser

A new group has formed at SLAC whose purpose is to enjoy good fellowship and have fun! Itís the Sassy Sisters Society, a chapter of the national Red Hat Society. Membership is open to all women 50 and over (Red Hatters) and younger than 50 (Pink Hatters).

Each month the chapter plans a group activity. In August, SLACís Sassy Sisters Society and their guests donned red hats and purple clothes (the official uniform), had lunch at Pier 39 in San Francisco and saw the hilarious play, Menopause, the musical. †

SLAC employees who Ďwanna have funí should contact Karen Kruger (Ext. 4342, to join the Society.





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