September 16, 2005  


Experiment Downs Theory

Experiment defeated Theory by 20-12 in the annual Softball Game on Sunday, September 11. Tradition has it that the winning team carries home the Drell-Richter trophy. Experiment team pictured with trophy, shown left to right. Back row: Jeremy McCormick (SLD), Heather Woods (COM), Steve Foulkes (BaBar), Ron Cassell (SLD), Jeff De Lamare (ESD) and Tom Borden (REG). Front row: Dan Flath (GLAST), J.J. Russell (SLD), Rodd Pope (AD), Jonathan Hollar (BaBar), Dan Harrington (SSRL) and Mike Woods (EA) with daughters Laurel and Clara. For more information, see:
(Photo courtesy of Mike Woods)





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