February 3, 2006  


Drell, Persis (PPA) Wellesley College Alumnae Achievement Award for 2006

Walz, Dieter (CEF) 2005 DOE Award for Pollution Prevention and Environmental Stewardship, announced January 24, 2006

Service Awards

5 Years
Asiri, Fred (NLC), 2/1
Delgado, Salvador (CEF), 2/5
Sandoval, Thomas (CEF), 2/12

10 Years
Chang, Charlotte (PPA), 2/12
Nguyen, Phillip (PCD), 2/1

15 Years
Calloway, David (ACO), 2/1
Craddock, Wesley (CEF), 2/4
McDunn, Ruth (TIS), 2/7

25 Years
Dudley, Kris (MFD), 2/2
Petree, Mark (AD), 2/9

Prescott, Charles (EA), 11/30/05

Crumpler, Jeanne Elisabeth (formerly HR), passed away on January 4, 2006.

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