February 17, 2006  

10-Year Service Awards

Once a year SLAC recognizes those individuals who have given ten years of service to the organization as employees. These awardees were recognized on January 31, 2006.

Left to right: Sam Park (ETS), Patricia Prickett (CPE), Michelle DeCamara (EP), Yo Wackerman (BAS), Michael Sullivan (ASAD), Joe Schwiening (EB), Jennifer Huang-Le (SCCS), David Marcello (SCCS), Fred Murphy (TT), Juanito Buhain (CPE), Ray Russ (RP), Michael Benes (KLY), David Anderson (CPE), Ron Johnson (CPE), Glenn Scheitrum (KLY), Javier Sevilla (LCLS), Cameron MacKenzie (MFD), Lisa Adair (CEF), John Schmerge (ADC), Hank Atiles (MD) and Zenghai Li (ACD).
Awardees not pictured are Vinod Bharadwaj (ILC), Derrick Britt (MD), Joseph Christy (RP), Jack Fry (CEF), Juan Garcia (CPE), Ninos George (CPE), Jeff Lwin (SCCS), Tim Montagne (LCLS), Andrew Ringwall (BLD), James Smith (EP), Al Suarez (MFD) and Stephen Weathersby (ASAD).

(Photo by Diana Rogers)

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