February 17, 2006  

Certificate in Supervision Grads

Graduates who attended the 5th Certificate in Supervision Luncheon, held on January 27, 2006, shown left to right.

First Row: Francisco Prado (BLE), Michael Smith (CEF), Vivian Lee (AAO), Jack Rozenbaum (BLE), Kayon Louie (MD), Ernest Denys (SCS), Alfonso Ray Manuel (CEF).
Second Row: Tim Winstead (MD), Burl Skaggs (CEF), Stan Mansell (MD), David Kharakh (AD), Mario Ortega (LCLS), Hesham Khater (OHP), Jean-Raymond Pierre (SCS).
Third Row: Bennett Poling (ENG), Kenneth Yang (CEF), John Bartelt (SCS), Kevin Purcell (KM), Rainer Bartoldus (EC), Paul Bloom (KM), Pete Franco (MFD), Ruth McDunn (TIS), Laurie Escudero (BU), Carolyn Galayda (CEF)
Not Pictured: Hsiu-Ju (Jessica) Chiu (SG), Alan Fisher (AD), James Kang (CEF), Denise Larsen (MFD), Victor Longa (CEF), Raymond Radau (CEF), Joe Stafford (CEF), Massimiliano Turri (SCS), Ken Underwood (CPE) and Sharon West (TIS).

(Photo by Diana Rogers)

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