February 17, 2006  


The Last TIP

By Nina Adelman Stolar

What you hold in your hands is the last issue of The Interaction Point (TIP). After 16 years, TIP is making way for a daily on-line newsletter. As a SLAC employee, you will receive the first issue in your inbox on Monday, February 27. You can also find the newsletter on SLAC Today. Please encourage others to subscribe at this website as well!


The new SLAC Today daily on-line newsletter prototype.
(Image courtesy of Kelen Tuttle)


Named after SLAC Today, this newsletter will offer all the Lab’s news and information in one place: everything from upcoming events and workshops to awards and announcements. Director Jonathan Dorfan will write a regular column. ES&H will offer a weekly safety tip. And once a week, the ILC, BABAR, KIPAC, SSRL or the theory group will explain a recent publication or result.

Every morning you’ll have SLAC news waiting in your inbox. It will contain everything you will need to know for the day from the first moment you’re at work.


Like science, the best way to distribute news is in constant evolution. SLAC News began in 1966 as a one sheet newsletter distributed throughout the Lab. This progressed into The Beam Line in 1971, a monthly newsletter with a mixture of scientific and human interest items. As The Beam Line became a more polished magazine for the scientific community, the human interest and policy items migrated to The Interaction Point in 1990.

The Communications Group took a first step to centralizing news and developments with the transformation of TIP into a tabloid style newspaper, also available on-line. The twice monthly distribution allowed us to include more recent news and updates (see TIP Transformed). For past issues, see TIP Archives.

New Communications Channel

SLAC is one of the world’s great research centers and with your help, the new SLAC Today will continue to echo the human vitality that drives our Lab. We want to know about your upcoming events, meetings, installations, awards, club activities, new ideas, opinion and progress. We encourage you to continue sending your thoughts and suggestions to TIP@slac.stanford.edu. Your involvement and participation will help keep SLAC Today vital and interesting. The Communications Group can help with writing up stories and taking photos.

"TIP has been a great newspaper," said Neil Calder (COM), "but now we are moving forward. Thanks a lot to Nina Stolar (COM), Vickee Flynn (CEF), Chip Dalby (TIS) and Aga Egan (CEF) for their fantastic work."


TIP editors and production team members Chip Dalby (TIS), Linda White (DO), Nina Stolar (COM) and Aga Egan (CEF). Not pictured is Vickee Flynn, long time contributor to the TIP team.
(Photo by Ruth McDunn)

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