January 20, 2006  

Computer Safety Tips From SLAC Computer Security

Here are a couple of ‘safe computing’ tips to start your new year.

1)  Read and send e-mails in plain text to protect yourself from many forms of virus and phishing. This will also set a good example for those who send you e-mail.

For information on setting up your e-mail to use plain text, see: http://www2.slac.stanford.edu/comp/messaging/using/plaintext.htm

2)  Enable AUTOMATIC patching of your computer. If your computer is not part of the SLAC central automated patching, then please join in with this valuable service. If you cannot take advantage of the SLAC automated patching, verify with your System Administrator if using the vendor supplied automated patching would be appropriate. All home systems and laptops should be using the vendor supplied automated patching.

Contact: Teresa Downey, SLAC Computer Security, Ext. 2903, teresa.downey@slac.stanford.edu

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