January 20, 2006

DOE Science Bowl at SLAC on Saturday, February 11

By Melinda Lee

For the second consecutive year, brilliant future scientists from around the Bay Area will flex their scientific brawn. This competition is the perfect opportunity to encourage young peopleís interest in scienceónot only is it rewarding but itís a lot of fun, too!

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A Crippled Tower

By Erik Vance

The top part of the alignment tower on the hill overlooking the research yard tumbled over during a late December storm. The road going up to the tower was been closed until the fallen structure could be removed.

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Huser Wins Heart of HR Award

By Kelen Tuttle

Carmella Huser, Manager of Employee Relations and Training, has received the second annual Stanford Heart of HR Award. The prizeóa hefty red crystal in the shape of a heartóis awarded yearly at the University-wide Human Resources holiday party to the HR employee who exemplifies integrity, team work, compassion and collaboration while demonstrating significant contributions to HR.

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WIS Presents: From Wall Street on 9/11 to SLAC and the Future

By Kelen Tuttle

Nancy Sanchez (SSO) will share her story at the next Women's Interchange at SLAC seminar. She will discuss the strong desire that she has felt to serve the country since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

She will also share what it took to land the job as the SSO Manager and offer lessons of experience for managers and those interested in management.

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The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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