January 20, 2006  


Welcome New Employees!

The new employee orientation held on January 5 included (left to right): Gregory Dubois-Felsman (BaBar), Kiran Polavaprau (BSD), Graeme Card (SMB), Karen Chan-Hui (FP), Linda Knudsen (ESH), Teela Pulliam (SCS), Richard Manahand (CEF), Lam Chan (LCLS), Abhinav Kumar (SG), Walter Wittmer (Accel. Sys. Admin.), Aurora Liongson (ESH), John Kaley (ASD), Kelen Tuttle (COM), Constantin Brotoiu (CEF) and Volkan Akcelik (ACD).

(Photo by Diana Rogers)

The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is managed by Stanford University for the US Department of Energy

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