January 20, 2006  


New Operating Safety Committee Chair

Congratulations to new Operating Safety Committee (OSC) Chair Michael Saleski (LCLS) and accolades to former Chair Janice Dabney (OPS), who safely passes the torch to him in the form of a helmet.
(Photo by Diana Rogers)

By Linda DuShane White

Michael Saleski (LCLS) was named Chair of the Operating Safety Committee (OSC), beginning October 1, 2005. He took over this post from Janice Dabney (GSC), who stepped down to take over the role of Staff Person for the ES&H Coordinating Council after 13 years of service as OSC Chair.

On Saleski’s unanimous approval as Chair by ES&HCC, Dabney says, “I agree with the Council that he’s an excellent choice and look forward to a smooth transition over the next few months.” Saleski’s seven years of experience in operations oversight in the Accelerator Department Safety Office prepared him well for his new post. His extensive safety background also includes experience in project management, accident investigation, safety oversight, problem solving and procedural documentation.

OSC, Saleski explains, is a large, general purpose safety committee composed of members chosen from across the lab to assure good representation of various groups. 

Is there a hazardous situation that needs fixing? Consider such areas as bicycle and traffic safety, fire, earthquake, electrical, and fire—Saleski wants to hear about your concerns. Bring safety issues to the attention of OSC either through local safety coordinators, through the committee itself or directly to Saleski at his OSC Listens e-mail address.

OSC does not make policy. Instead, it takes safety matters brought to its attention, advises ES&HCC and recommends actions to those who do form policy. As an example, Director Jonathan Dorfan’s directive to wear bicycle helmets on site grew out of a recommendation brought to OSC.

Help keep the SLAC workplace safe by passing on safety issues to OSC.

For more information, see:  https://www-internal.slac.stanford.edu/esh/committees/osc.htm

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