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FAQ: Palm Pilot

4 June, 2001


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  1. Recommended hardware

  2. Possible "Time-out" HotSync® Interruption

  3. Note for Laptop Users on COM port, IR port

  4. Compatibility with Windows 2000

  5. Latest version of PocketMirror, other software

  6. Synching with Outlook result in multi-day events being broken up

  7. Possible conflict with COM4 and some video cards

  8. Palm connection to Exchange e-mail



1) Recommended hardware

Palm Vx


2) Possible "Time-out" HotSync® Interruption


3) Note for Laptop Users on COM port, IR port  

Laptops, with external docking stations, are particularly  susceptible to COM port configuration difficulties.  Check  what COM ports you have and what ports are available. If your  laptop has an infrared (IR) port, you may first need to  disable the infrared port, before enabling the COM port that  you wish to use, and then rebooting. Some laptop owners have  needed to lower the speed at which they perform a HotSync®  synchronization to connect consistently. COM port speeds may  be modified via the Palm Desktop HotSync menu command by  choosing Setup and Speed.  

Also be aware that Advanced Battery Support programs have  been known to interrupt HotSync functionality. This problem  is caused by the laptop turning the serial port off when the  laptop goes into standby or power-saving mode. To correct for  this you can either configure the computer to leave serial  ports on during standby mode, turn off the power-saving  features of the laptop, or always restart HotSync Manager  after the laptop wakes up from standby or sleep mode.


4) Palm Desktop Software and Product Compatibility with Windows 2000

Will my Palm Desktop software, version 3.0 or later, work  with Microsoft Windows 2000?

Yes.  Palm Desktop software version 3.0 and later has  been tested on Microsoft Windows 2000.

    There are two known problems:

      A)  The "Hot Undock" feature of Windows 2000, usually  used on laptop computers, may not work when HotSync® Manager  is running on the laptop. The workaround for this is to shut  down HotSync Manager before performing the Hot Undock. To  shut down HotSync manager, right-mouse-click on the HotSync  icon in your system tray and choose "exit." (The system tray  is most commonly found in the lower right portion of your  Windows desktop.)

      B)  You will be unable to carry out HotSync® operations  through your infrared port on Windows 2000. Microsoft has  changed the way infrared ports operate under Windows 2000.   Palm and Microsoft are working to resolve this issue.  You  are still able to make use of a travel cable accessory or a  normal cradle for HotSync® operations.   


5) What is the latest version of PocketMirror?

PocketMirror version 3.0 is the latest (October 2000) version that is available on  the Chapura web site. This is a free update for users who own version 2. It's most useful new feature is that it allows you to synchronize your contacts' e-mail addresses rather than just their display name from Outlook. Currently, PocketMirror does not include an e-mail conduit. PocketMirror does include the Date Book, Address Book, To Do  List, and Memo Pad conduits. The e-mail and expense conduits  are supplied by "Palm Computing" and are not changed by PocketMirror.

If your organizer experiences problems during a HotSync®  operation, there may be a corrupt e-mail that the conduit can  not synchronize. To resolve this issue, try creating a  sub-folder under the Inbox in Outlook, moving all your  e-mails into that new folder and synchronizing. If that fixes  it, a corrupt e-mail record is the cause. Move your e-mail  records back into the Inbox a few at a time until you find  the bad record and delete it.  

Also, check HotSync® Manager to make sure the e-mail conduit  is enabled; it may need to be set up again.

For other software version (September 2000):

Palm Desktop v3.0.3, HotSync Manager v3.0.4 Update, E-Mail Conduit v3.0.4 Update

Check for latest at Palm web site.

6)  Synching with Outlook result in multi-day events being broken up into many single day events.

Chapura web site describes this problem, upgrade PocketMirror to version 3.


7) Possible conflict with COM4 and some video cards

Ricardo Kau