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Help Track is used for general SCS Troublecalls.

If you need to reach the SCS Windows Infrastructure Group, 
select 'Windows Support' 
-> 'SLAC Group Help' 
-> SLAC Group 'Servers and Hosts'

General Help & Trouble Calls For Desktop Computer Users

For Windows and Linux desktop troublecalls:

First contact your local administrator.

Many local administrators are reachable by 
submitting a web troublecall

('urgent' calls will send a page, 'non-urgent' calls will send an e-mail.)

If you cannot find your local administrator
  1. You can send e-mail to

  2. You can phone the SCS Help Desk at (650)926-HELP
    (Help Desk is open 9am-5pm during business days, during non-business hours please leave a request for critical page as appropriate.)

    Note: UNIX (including Linux) operating system support is available by contacting,


For local administrators:

In addition to the above, 

Hours of support:
Normal service hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
Off-hour emergency service can be gotten by dialing the SCS Help Line (650 926-4357), and asking for critical page of the on-call staff.  Please read the guidelines on off-hour service.


Request Forms (see Help for troublecalls)

Vendor Service Request
Hardware Repairs and Upgrades

Install Request for Windows workstation
Note: Submit this request together with your local administrator.

Software Bulk Purchase Request
Purchase software at discount prices

NTFS Restore Request
Restore of NT file/directory from backup

NT Access Control Lists
NT Global Group: Create, delete and change membership of global group. 
Network Directory: Create directory, delete directory, change permissions of directory.

Web Space Request
Requests for Web Space on SCS maintained IIS servers.


Help Track
General SCS Troublecalls.


Account Request
Computer account request form (SLAC NT account, Exchange account, UNIX account, etc.)

Citrix ICA Account Request
For access to SLAC Windows Terminal Server farm, you must already have a SLAC NT account.

PPTP Account Request
For remote access via VPN/PPTP.

IP and Node Name Request

Printer Queue
Request a printer queue or bootp service

Property Control Transfer

[Additional UNIX Requests, Network Requests]


Other Useful Information